Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creature From Black Lake

It's new review time at the Graveyard. This time around I dig up a film I saw as a wee child in the 70's, during the height of the Bigfoot craze: Creature From Black Lake.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Back From The Dead

It's here! The Graveyard has returned!

After two solid months of updating, the new site is a go. The new streamlined home page as well as the new review style will allow me to keep adding new content to the site as well as maintain my other writing pursuits (the fiction that is actually earning me some money).

Please bear with me for the next couple weeks as I sort out the kinks of this new design. I still have to proof read EVERYTHING, so you're likely to find tons of typos and spelling errors for the next month or so.

Question? Comments? Post 'em here.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The End....For Now

Yes, I have decided to close down Shadow’s B-Movie Graveyard. For those of you who have noticed, the site has not been updated in nearly a year and the reason for that is simple: time.

You see, when I started the site, it was for two main reasons. One, I had come across other movie sites and had enjoyed them so much, I wanted to do the same thing. The second reason – and the most important one – was that I hoped all the writing required for the site would kick start my desire to pursue a career as a writer. I’ve talked about being a writer for 20 odd years, but only on a few occasions in the last two decades have I made the effort to submit my stories. I never stuck with it, quitting after collecting a few rejections. When I began The Graveyard, my hope was that all the writing (especially on my lengthy reviews) would eventually make me want to write fiction again. And it has.

I set aside the site last year to pursue my goal of being a successful writer. Since then I have sold 27 stories to print magazines and anthologies as well as online ezines. I have exceeded my expectations and am striving to better my writing and work toward the lofty goal of writing and selling a novel.

Of course, that means that my time must continue to be devoted to my writing and thus the B-Movie Graveyard must take a backseat. Since times are tough, I don’t wish to put out the money for hosting the site when I don’t intend to update it in its current form. So nearly five years after it emerged onto the scene, Shadow’s B-Movie Graveyard will be vanishing back into the dark after October 15th.

Note how above I said the site would be not updated in its “current form.” Yes, I plan on bringing the Graveyard back, but after some major retooling. Since I will be juggling any work for the site with my writing career, I will by necessity have less time to devote to it. This means the format currently in place will change. Gone will be the super long, exhaustive reviews and in their place will be something shorter – something I can produce in a day or two rather than the three weeks the old format required. This approach is also made necessary by the fact that I suffered a hard drive crash earlier this year and lost many of the programs I used in creating my reviews. So the new style will be simpler.

I’d like to thank every visitor I’ve had and all the great comments I’ve received over the years. I’ve had some issues with my email this year, so if you emailed me any time since January, I most likely did not receive it and was unable to reply. For that I apologize.

I’d also like to thank all the great friends I made through this site, most notably the webmasters at other B-Movie sites. Duane at B-Movie Central, Jordan at the B-Movie Film Vault, Andrew at, Mark from Darksider’s Realm, the gang from the Rogue Reviewers and many others. You guys made this a total blast and really brought a sense of camaraderie and community to our roundtables as well as our individual efforts. You guys rock! Someday soon I hope the new graveyard can rejoin the ranks of such awesome websites.

So for now I say good-bye, but not farewell. The Graveyard will rise again, just like the shambling corpses in our favorite cheesy zombie flicks.

Until then,